Related Engineering Design & Metal Work

In additional to the supply and installation of the APC equipment, there are other related work which required specific & innovative design so to enhance the effectiveness of the operation for the entire air pollution control system;

  • Structural platform to locate the equipment and for easy operating & maintenance access, which provide a neat. safer operating environment.
  • Unique and targeted designed hood (with enclosure of without enclosure) specific to each individual scenario to ensure effectiveness of capturing the dirty air emission.
  • Metal Enclosure with or without insulation (for heat or sound insulation), may come with electrified mechanical access door, to provide better working environment at the client production area.
  • To install desire monitoring equipment on the APC system to provide operating reading for management to do monitoring on the system’s operation.
  • Other specific design equipment such as, holding bracket, filter house, air grille, loading chute, trolley, compressor & piping, accessories & spares parts suit to each difference type of application.

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